A wee quickie with some of the stuff I’ve been working on.

Did a mashup ages ago of Stevie Wonder and Gotye. Had it lying around and didn’t do anything with it. 


Trying to get some new mashups finished, got a couple in mind but it’s down to getting the time. Hopefully they’ll sound super fucking awesome.


I want to get this blog back up and running but it’ll probably end up being a bi-annual event….oh well.


Till next time?


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It’s Been a While

Been a wee while on the blog front but it was time for a quick update.

Couple of mashups that I did a while back but only getting around to posting now.

The first being Scottish hip hop group Stanley Odd vs The Jackson 5. This one required very little editing as the tempos almost matched exactly. Also working with rap vocals when doing mashups is almost like cheating as they pretty much fit over everything. I was really happy how this worked out though.

The second mashup is a Motown inspired version of Carly Rae Jepsens “Call Me Maybe”. I regularly trawl the internet to find the latest acapellas of tracks that are in the charts so that I can remix something that is fairly current and up to date. It’s usually hard to find studio quality or HD versions of recent tracks but this DIY acapella was fairly clean so I decided to use it. I also recently downloaded a whole bunch of official Motown instrumentals which just blow you away when you listen to them. The arrangements alone are masterclasses in how to write songs. You can really hear the Funk Brothers influences coming through in a lot of the tracks without the vocals to take centre stage. Anyway, I’m making it an active project to create as many Motown inspired mashups as possible using these instrumentals. I know that I’m desecrating classics but it’s just so fun to hear the standalone instrumentals and work with them.

Call Me Maybe fitted over quite a few of the instrumentals but I decided on Nowhere to Run by Martha and the Vandellas as it has an excellent groove.

In other news I’ve been doing a bit of recording/mixing/performing with the band “In Mirrors”. You can hear the stuff I did for them here. I’m going to post an in depth blog on how I recorded and mixed these tracks but that’ll not be for a wee while.

Also to end on a Motown note, watch this documentary! It is literally the best music documentary ever made if you like Motown music and some of the performances are outstanding. It’s a tribute to the Funk Brothers, music’s most prolific hit making machine.

Until next time….

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BBC Introducing Masterclass with Calvin Harris and Labrinth

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Music Business is Interesting

Here’s a video on the current state of the music industry from the point of view of someone who currently works at the top end of the business.

This video shows a discussion from Rob Wells who is the president of global digital business at Universal. I literally learned more about the current state of the digital side of the business in this one hour, than 3 years of music business classes at University. An extremely relevant video and also extremely interesting for those of you who don’t know too much about how this side of the music industry operates.

I came to these videos from watching Pensado’s Place as they are done by the same people. (I also might have stole it from Ale Da Kid’s blog, I can’t remember).Their aim seems to make videos that are as informative as possible and they always seem to have the best people coming in to do interviews. Initially I thought they would be dry and boring but the time just flies by as they cover topics in a very in depth fashion and cover information that you can’t really find anywhere else. It is also interesting to hear so many opinions on the current state of the music industry and what direction it seems to be heading in.

I’ll leave the link to their youtube channel here.

Till next time…

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New Mashup

Here’s a quick mashup of Jessie J’s Domino vs Florence and the Machine’s Dog Days Are Over. Did this as a little example of how to use the Time and Pitch machine in Logic for my major music project. Literally took 5 mins. Much quicker than using flex markers but doesn’t work accurately 100% of the time. Anyways, enjoy.

Till next time….

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Pro Tools

In my opinion, Pro Tools hasn’t really changed at all…

Till next time..


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Eh What!!!

I’m currently quite drunk so a lot of what I type will be quite scatter-brained probably. I took part in a pub quiz tonight, aced the music round but couldn’t quite remember that Vincente del Bosque was one of two Champions League and World Cup Winners.Oh well, at least I remembered Gary Moore died last year…

Anyways, I’ve got a feeling I’m back at Uni this week. It seems that I’m being proactive because I’ve got an EP recording to look forward to plus general recording of my own to be getting on with. Hopefully I’ll be able to book some studio time without getting up at a ridiculous time time in the morning. I doubt it though as I think I’ve become more proficient in lying in bed in the past few months than actually starting on my major music project. I digress but maybe I should explain what  it is I propose to do.

I decided to create a book on music production, mainly based around Logic Pro. My original idea was to create a series of course modules for Napier University which involved music production. I wanted to create a course of materials which I felt was up to University standard based around music production for Logic Pro. This idea then developed into a book which I aim to keep in a format that can be taught to schools, colleges and Universities. Through speaking to people I teach, I get the impression that schools in Scotland don’t currently utilise their potential to the maximum in terms of studio time. A lot of high schools have access to top of the range studio facilities but don’t have the knowledge to use them. My book would aim to provide a curriculum for modern studio composition within schools. From my own experience, I remember being taught by someone who was adept in the field of classical music but did not know about the current state of the music industry. For example, I teach a lot of teenagers guitar, but a vast majority of them are interested in music production and DJ’ing, something which is not considered as musical within an SQA school standard. It would be my goal to create something that schools have access to as a resource when it comes to studio/electronic composition. Obviously this would probably be ignored as part of a school curriculum but if I could create a practical textbook that dealt with some musical production techniques at a University level then I feel that my major music project will have been worthwhile. Keep in mind that I still need to start it and I’m a lazy bastard so it will probably get completed in the last week of term.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future after Uni and I’ve came to the conclusion that I would either make a great porn director or, if I applied myself , a great music producer. This I think boils down to the fact that I don’t work well with others as well as the fact that I like drinking a lot of beer. I realised recently that when when producing a track I end up in my own wee world. I can go for hours without a break and not feel hungry or tired. I will literally keep going until the track is finished. I think that this is an inevitable trait that every music producer has. I would love to create music full time but I know that I need to have a career that I can fall back on if all else fails. It’s just gutting that Scotland does’t have much of a porn industry.

In the mean time however, I’ve created another mashup. I did it in one night which to my mind makes it good and shite at the same time. It’s good because it’s quite creative and a better way to spend my time than watching 9/11 documentaries, but it’s shite because it sounds pretty awful. When listening to it, please bear in mind that this is the only creative content that I’ve come up with over christmas and that it’s mostly fuelled by celebrations and a terry’s chocolate orange.

Anyway, enough of my guff. I’m off to watch another Pensado’s place seeing as the last one with Alan Meyerson was so good. Later bitches….

Oh And you can hear my new rough mashup here. I’ll go back over it at sone point to iron out the bad parts. I say that but I probably won’t.

Till next time fuckers….

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